they said "be yourself"

No, I am not a communication agency all by myself and have no claim to pretend to be what I am not. Shakespeare was right, "to be" is not limited to "say". so initially, I am only a graphic designer, certainly with a lot of experience, certainly with many collaborations in the fields of the most varied image, but I remain nonetheless a simple graphic designer. apart from that, I'm more specialized in launching brands across multiple business sectors. it means creating a logo, branding, website, e-shop, video editing ... in short, everything a company needs. I collaborate with some for twenty years, at a certain stage, my cap designer disappears in favor of partner for most of my clients by annual contracts.

what ?

logo • brand • design packaging • e-shop • web design

brand creation ...

once your brand strategy is developed, the "crea" phase can begin. This step consists in developing a name, a logo, a graphic charter ... to image the values ​​and promises of the brand through creative, original and relevant responses. Whether it's a total creation or an overhaul of an existing logo, "brand design" requires know-how and experience in creative tools. but above all a very precise analysis of the market..

start up or company ?

in your business, your visibility is essential. web being 'the' communication that fits into a global strategy. its technical components make it richer than others. From a showcase site through an online catalog to an integrated e-commerce solution, it must enrich every dimension of your communication, corporate, blog, networks interaction with your customers is essential as well as the image you generate.

philosophy ...

we educate children by telling them that curiosity is a bad fault ... what heresy! more seriously, it is not easy to define a philosophy in a single sentence without falling into the derisory classicism of a quote. I do not have one and firmly refuse to do so, for the simple reason that each of my clients applies special rules according to the criteria of their market. In conclusion, together we can do nice things if you are open to it.


any news ...

I do not communicate a lot about projects. not by confidentiality or anything else ... no, simply for lack of time. why? my priority is your projects, as for me, I prefer to highlight your projects to let me stay in the shadow.



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in the Adobe family that I've been playing with for over 20 years: Illustrator • Photoshop • InDesign • LightRoom • DreamWeaver • Muse • Bridge and all connected utilities of the Creative Cloud. On Apple, FinalCut Pro and of course the little family of iWork.


logo & brand



packaging & design



website & e-shop


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